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Applegate Dance Company

Est. 1992 in Davis, California

Meet the Applegate Dance Company

Known in the greater Sacramento area for providing professional looking shows with an army of amateur dancers. The company aims to give young performers the chance to experience the magic of being in a top notch show. Dancers are involved  in the whole artistic process including choreography, costume and scenery design.

In addition to producing its own large scale production each season ADC also attends 1-4 dance competitions a year, made possible by these amazing supporters. Check out our upcoming performances, and get a snapshot of productions we have performed in the past.

ADC brings in a collection of professional male ballet dancers each season giving its company dancers the rare opportunity to learn from and share the stage with professional dancers. This not only ignites our young artists passion but also helps them to reach new technical and artistic heights.  We also teach our young dancers the joy of giving through their art. Each year ADC donates 150-200 tickets to at risk groups.


Auditions for Applegate Dance Company are held each late August or early September. Dancers must be at least 12 years of age in order to audition and female dancers must be on pointe. Each year between 18-32 dancers are selected for the upcoming season. We are honored by our current company and our past rosters of our dancers.

Applegate Dance Company was founded in 1992 by Lisa Applegate- Zimanyi and is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Held late August or Early September. Auditions determine the 18-32 dances for the upcoming season.


Many thanks to these sponsors - without whom so much would have been undoable.


View previous dancers that have been a part of the Applegate Dance Company.


Season 29 | 2021-2022


Concert Company

Noraleigh Aubert
Emily Baltz

Lian E
Juliet Gee

Emily Haws

Isabelle Messner

Cameron St Andre

May Wang

Sarah Yeung


Anna Hoeft

Wendy Huang-H

Ece Midillioglu
Mayah Moore

Senior Compnay

Mallika Bhargava

Liliana Filkov

Olivia Gonzalez

Sofia Kelly

Bethany Kepner
Emily Li

Meirav Rosenheim

Nathalie Stem

Junior Company

Sofia Alvarado
Jordyn Huang

Watch Us Perform

Every year we put together a summer performance to showcase our tallants, and to challenge ourselves to be the best we can be. Please join us.