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ADC Sponsors

We stand in appreciation of all your assistance

Sponsors of the Applegate Dance Company

Dear 2019-2020 Applegate Dance Company Sponsors,

We are still standing and in part it is due to your generous 2019-2020 season sponsorship donation. 2020 was such a challenge! What we had hoped would be an exciting year of learning and performing for our dancers, became a year of financial struggle to keep our company and studio alive. This month marks one full year that our studio space has been closed down for classes due to Covid-19. As you know small businesses and in particular performing arts companies were hit very hard this past year! 


Words can’t fully capture our gratitude for your contribution and helping us to stay in existence. 


With Gratitude,

Applegate Dance Company

2019-2020 Season 28 Sponsors

Concert Premiere Sponsorship

​Daniel K Dowling

Sec Auto Solutions

Gergely Zimanyi


Concert Sponsorship

Melrina A. Maggiora

Lynn McCown

Elizabeth Saft & Emilio Ferrer

Tim & Christina Yeung


Pre-Concert Sponsorship

Mickey Allison

Pann & Bill Baltz

Barnes Family Dentistry

California Statewide Certified Development Corp

Joanne Chambers

Bingyan Zhao & Jihong Huang

iDance Club 2151

Irene & Thomas Joo

John Fay & Amy Levin

Matthew Molitor DDS, MS


Anne & Jon Snyder

The Wilen Family

University Wireless

Hanshu Ding & Henry Xiang


Senior Sponsorship

Emily Albu

Richard Allison

Andy & Carole Amstutz

Ed Aubert

John & Nancy Ballance

Lew & Megan Boyle

The Campbell Family

Huaiyang Chen

Huei-Ping Chen Lin

First Northern Bank

California Davis group Initiative Foundation

Francis & Debbie Dixon

Barbara Gardner

Harrison Construction

Marjorie Hoeft

The Hoeft Family

The Jones Family

Chris & Kathleen Kachulis

Chrissy Kelly

Sofia Kelly’s Grandparents

Nicole Lazaris

The Le-Allison Family

Lowell & Billie Harris

Pagee Malech

James Meiner DDS

Music Stream Center

Walt & Leona Narr

Rod & Jeannie Nishikawa

Perry, Bunch & Johnson

Anne Shin

Mr & Mrs Hyunok Shin

Paul St Andre

L.T. Stem

Melissa & Rex Stem

Benton J Runquist DDS, MS

Mary Jo & Erik Van Der Kay

Michael Joo & Niki Warin

Wolff& Wolff Attorneys at Law

Cathy Yeung

Jane Yuqing Zhang

Yihua Zhang


Junior Sponsorship

Katherina Aguilar

Kimberley Anderson DDS


Kate Belan

Terry Beck

Covell Family Dental

Demaray Chiropractic

Thelma Fedrick

Laser & Skin Surgery Medical Group

Michael Glazerman

Gary Fay & Leslie Gray

Penny Haws

Iwa Huang

Cassandra Kachulis

David & Bobbi Kerner

The Kovach Family

Li Family

Jim Foss

Wing Low

Paul & Lynda Malech

Ron Pisciotta DDS

Roxanne Rice

Micah & Becky Rosenheim

Brian L. Royse DDS

Marjorie Runk

Virginia Saft

Wayne Schrader

Ed Shin

Siena’s Grandma

Dean & Donna Weyburne

Richard & Trudy Weyburne

Felix & Min Yeung

Zong Family



Laura Chambers

Stephanie DeKnikker

Zhihong Ding

Bo Feng & Junhui Huang

Christine Kachulis

Mira Kraus

Dave & Andrea Krause

Terrance Low

Sylvia Messner

Raju Pandey & Poornima Balasubramanyam

Leah Rosenheim

Leona Scanlan

Rebecca & Jansen Wendlandt

Judith Weyburne

William Weyburne

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