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ADC Sponsors

We stand in appreciation of all your assistance

Sponsors of the Applegate Dance Company

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our generous Season 29 Sponsors! 

For three years the pandemic prevented us from doing what we love most, creating art with our friends and performing our works on stage. To say we are excited to get back on stage is an understatement!

It has been a tricky year! With the ever-changing covid situation we could not depend on ticket sales to fund the show. We had to rely almost entirely on sponsors. That is why you, this year’s sponsors,  are more special to us than ever before!  We are back on stage and it is all because of you!


Over the past many months we have had so much fun dancing and creating as we bring back some of our favorite dances from the past as well as many exciting new creations.  We hope you get to see our performance art either live or on video. Thank you for supporting the arts at a time when we need it more than ever!


With Gratitude,

Applegate Dance Company

2021-2022 Season 29 Sponsors

Concert Premiere Sponsorship


Sec Auto Solutions

Anne Snyder

Christina & Tim Yeung

Gergely Zimanyi


Concert Sponsorship

Balance Point Pilates Studio

Tom & Irene Joo

Melrina Maggiora

Lynn Lanier McCown

Moore & Moore Attorneys at Law

MOS Construction


Pre-Concert Sponsorship

Aggie Animal Clinic


Barnes Family Dental

Matt & Marla Dolcini

Kat Gee/ABQ Jewels

The Hoeft Family

Auntie Joanne & Grandparents

Sofia Kelly’s Grandparents

Yingzhi Lu & Lei E

James Meinert DDS

Kat Kee / ABQ Jewels

Matthew Molitor DDS, MS

Erik & Mary Jo van der Kaay

Werner Accounting & Tax Inc

Mark & Kendra Wong

Tim & Ming Xiang


Senior Sponsorship


Jill Amstutz

Ed Aubert

Barbara & Robert

The Bhargava Family

Megan & Lew Boyle

Komin Chang

Huaiyang Chen & Shujun Wang

Judy Corbett

Demaray Chiropractic & Nutrition Center

Jens Dill

James Foss

Thelma Fedrick

Gary Fay & Leslie Gray

Ken Gee

Harrison Construction

Chris & Pam Haws

Haws Family

 Marjorie C Hoeft


Tim & Chrissy Kelly

Naomi Levy

Carissa & Terry Low

Florence Low

Hadley & Kevin Messner

Michael Meyers

Perry, Bunch & Johnston CPA’S

Mr Pickle’s Sandwich Shop

Music Stream Center

Jay Rosenheim & Shulamit Glazerman

Benton J Runquist DDS, MS

Mr. & Mrs. Hyunok Shin

Jin Ying Shaw

Jean Snyder

Paul & Donley St Andre

Judy Stone

Samuel Stem PsyD

Wolf & Wolf Associates

Working Body Chiropractic

Jane Yuqing Zhang

Yihua Zhang & Hong Liu


Junior Sponsorship


Carole & Andy Amstutz

Nancy & John Ballance

Fran & Debbie Dixon

Maya Duhameau

The Filkov Family

Phyllis Glazerman

Jean Huang

Joyce & Matt Jordyn

The Coppinger-Kane Family

Aunty Ellen Liebowitz

Wing K Low

Deepa Mahidhara

Danielle Scharlin Newberry

Pacific Craft Builders

Betsy & Spencer Phinney

A Pinkham & K Kerns

Ronald Pisciotta D.D.S

Roxanne Rice

The Tai Family

Rebecca & Jansen Wendlandt

Richard Weyburne

Teresa Weyburne & Family

Felix & Min Yeung

Yolo Berry Yogurt



Poornima Balasubramanyam

Scott and Barbara Bea

Michael D Fong

Koch Family

Trader Joes

Judith Weyburne

William & Renee Weyburne

Applegate Dance Company was founded in 1992 by Lisa Applegate- Zimanyi and is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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