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Policies & Expectations

Promoting a positive, encouraging, family like environment. 

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct - Studio Culture

What to Expect: We ask everyone involved with Applegate Dance to please help promote a positive, encouraging, family like environment. 


Be On Time: Arriving late is disruptive to the overall flow of the class, other students and the teacher.  If you must be late it is very important that you enter unobtrusively between combinations. No one is allowed to enter a class more than 10 minutes past the scheduled starting time.


Be Neat: Come to class clean, neat, and well put together. Keep your hair pulled back off your face and neck and firmly secured. Ballet dancers must wear their hair in a bun.  Do not wear jewelry to class. We do allow small earrings.


Dress Like a Dancer: Follow the dress code. The dress code allows the teacher to see your physical movement and make the proper corrections. 


Social Expectations: All dancers are expected to be polite and respectful to teachers and classmates. Dancers who can not do so may be dismissed from class or expelled from the school. Please limit talking in class.  

Where to Stand: Be respectful of other dancers physical space. When class moves to the center please do not stand at the front of the class unless you feel you have a good command of the combinations. When moving across the floor or from the back to the front of the room, take your position in line and be ready to go, otherwise go to the back of the line.

Do not sit down in class unless changing shoes or asked to do so. 

Personal Items: Dancers should always take their dance bags with them to class. It is a good idea to have your items labeled with your names. Please do not bring expensive items to the studio. Dance bags should be kept in the dressing room. There are lost and found bins in the dressing room.  Lost and Found items are sent to goodwill periodically.

Food and Water: Dancers may bring a water bottle to class. Students may also drink water from the water fountain during the break between barre and center and before and after dance class. Absolutely no gum or food allowed in the classroom.  After eating food in the lobby please clean up after yourself.


Leaving Class: Youth dancers should always ask permission to leave the studio while class is in progress, even if ill or using the restroom. If you must leave class early please notify your teacher before class begins.


Lobby: Students and visitors are expected to keep the noise level low in the lobby and in dressing rooms. The lobby door may remain open at the teachers discretion. To avoid student distraction, parents and siblings not attending the lesson are asked to remain in the lobby or outside the studio until the end of class.  If parents would like to observe a lesson, please see the instructor to arrange a time.

Dress Code
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Dress Code

See the detailed information for your specific class to determine the dress code for your class


In General: 

  • Longer hair should be pulled into a ponytail or pinned into a secure bun.

  • Shoes should have clean soles. Help protect our floor by only wearing them inside the dance studio.

  • For Youth Classes: pink leg warmers are acceptable, but all other clothing (shirts, shorts, baggy pants, skirts, etc) are not allowed.

  • During the cold months ballet warmup sweaters may be worn.

  • Discount Dance is a good resource for ballet clothing.

Please contact us with your questions.


Payments and Late Fee Policy: 

Fees not paid by their assigned due dates will be subject to a 15%  late fee. All delinquent accounts must be paid in full before enrolling in the current session. If financial circumstances arise, please contact us prior to the due date to make payment arrangements. Checks should be made payable to “Applegate Dance Studio.” 

Refunds - Quarterly & Semester Enrollment Classes:

+ To withdraw from a class, you must provide written notice, and you will receive a partial refund for the remaining classes occuring 2 weeks after the date of the letter. Simply not showing up to class does not constitute a withdrawal, and will not receive a refund.

+ Students may make-up missed class times by attending other classes appropriate to their abilities. Classes need to be made up within the same session. Absences will not be credited towards future sessions.

+ Please keep in mind that inconsistent attendance can be disruptive to fellow students.

+ If the instructor cancels class, you may attend a different class in its place. Otherwise, your account will be credited at the end of the session.

Refunds - Drop-In Classes:

There are no refunds or credits for missed Drop-In Classes.

Liability Release Form & Media Release

One form needs to be completed for each participant prior to participating in any classes. Once a form is on record, you do not need to complete a new form for each additional class. Here is the online completable Applegate Release Form.

Empowered To Thrive

These Policies and Standards exist for the purpose of seeking to create a positive, encouraging, family like environment. Please give us a call to learn more about the heart behind these goals.

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