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Honest Reviews from our Students and Parents

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What Parents & Students Say

Nobella Masihi

This studio is so amazing I can't say enough good things about it. I spent 5 years there not just dancing but really being part of a family. The worst part about graduating and moving away was having to leave Applegate Dance. Taking class there was so fun but I also learned so much. The showcase choreography was always incredibly creative and technical. I've yet to find another studio that even slightly compares to Applegate. Lisa is so loving and wonderful at what she does I would recommend this studio to anyone interested in dance.

Amy Cook

I just wanted to say Thank You! This year's show was amazing!! Dany has been in many productions but nothing has ever compared to the show this year. What you do with those kids is just incredible. I think that every week Dany spends at your studio, she grows to love dance even more (if that is possible). And you can truly see it in her face when she is up on stage dancing. I have never seen her so happy to dance so much! Dany would dance every weekend like this one if you asked her to. That is because of the way you teach them all and the way you run the studio. When Carly and Monica said today that the studio is like no other they were absolutely correct. Never have I seen such an amazing family of dancers as you have. We are so blessed to have found you and the studio!! All of our family and friends that came to see the show loved every minute! My mother was in tears when it was over. Thank you so much for bringing out the best in my ballerina!!

Netania Moore

Applegate has been such a supportive environment for my daughter to grow and learn as a dancer. The emphasis on community building and the well-being of each dancer is impressive!

Chrissy Kelly

After trying various dance studios in town, my daughter found her dance home at Applegate! Lisa provides a warm, supportive environment and genuinely cares for every dancer at the studio. Every teacher has been exceptional and I would recommend Applegate to any parent looking for a ballet studio for their child.

Hanshu Ding

It has been a great pleasure in the past ten years to watch my daughter dance and grow at Applegate, and make life-long friends. As a dance-lover myself, I also took some adult dance classes there, and had lots of fun. If you have ever seen an Applegate annual show, you'd agree that Applegate is a magical place! I would highly recommend it to any kids or adults who enjoys dancing.

Jenny Silva

I danced at Applegate for 13 years and was part of the company for five years. Applegate is the most unique dance experience you will ever have. It inspires dancers to work harder and learn new styles, while at the same time forming everlasting friendships! No matter what type of day I was having, when I walked through that door I was immediately greeted with smiles and people who loved me. Instead of viciously competing with other girls, we were happy for each other and understood we each had different strengths. This is not a typical ballet studio. In addition to ballet I learned African, Brazilian, hula, fosse, tango and any other style Lisa throws at you! And more importantly, Applegate draws the dancer as well as the audience in with dances to Disney music. These performances are extravagant and captivating! As for the director Lisa, she will always hold a special place in my heart. She's a fantastic teacher, has more artistic ability than anybody I know and can throw a great Halloween party! Lisa has the perfect balance of fun and discipline. You will not get better training in town!

Casey Hersch

Applegate Dance Studio is such an asset to our community. As a clinical social worker, I love seeing programs that teach students how to appreciate their bodies, build relationships with peers, and encourage healthy ways to reduce stress. I am truly impressed with the owner's commitment to empowering youth and building their assets. I recommend Applegate to others regularly. I love their adult ballet and barre classes. I feel stronger and confident knowing that I am improving my own fitness and coordination.

Renee Xiang

Applegate has such an incredible community that you truly can't find anywhere else. The moment you set foot in the studio you can just tell that everyone is there to have fun and support one another through dance. It's an amazing place to learn and grow, and you'll also get to make lifelong friends along the way!!!

Ciera Korte

My experience at Applegate Dance Studio has been nothing less than magical. The director and teachers are kind and passionate, going above and beyond to meet each student's individual needs as a person and as a dancer. Lisa Applegate has created a family-like atmosphere that is encouraging and motivating. She is amazingly in tune with all her dancers giving them constructive feedback and cheering them along every step of the way. The annual productions are phenomenal and I am honored to have been a part of them. I don't think it would be exaggerating to say that choosing to dance at Applegate was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Having danced five years with the company, I can confidently say that dancers that come to Applegate are sure to improve rapidly as dancers and grow as young adults.

Annie Zhao

Applegate has been my second family for the last 10 years of my life! I'm so glad to have had adults like Lisa and Stephanie to guide me, not only through ballet, but through life in my development as person as well. The studio is on the smaller side, but that just means the community is more tightly-knit than you get at other studios. Every dancer here is super friendly and there are no negative relations between anyone if you choose to have a child learn ballet here!

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