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ADC Sponsors

We stand in appreciation of all your assistance

Past Sponsors of ADC

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our generous Season 30 Sponsors! 

It is through these generous sponsors that we are able to do what we love most, creating art with our friends and performing our works on stage. 


We hope you get to see our performance art either live or on video. Thank you for supporting the arts at a time when we need it more than ever!


With Gratitude,

Applegate Dance Company

2022-2023 Season 30 Sponsors

Concert Premiere Sponsorship

Davis Arts & Culture Grant Fund of the Yolo Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Sacramento Regional Foundation

SEC Auto Solutions

Anne Snyder

Gergely Zimanyi

Concert Premiere

Concert Sponsorship

Balance Point Pilates Studio

Natasha & Mike Burrow

Melrina A. Maggiora

Moore & Moore Attorneys at Law

Moss Construction

Larry & Kwai Reitz

Scott McCusker, MD/Mercy Medical Group ENT


Pre-Concert Sponsorship

Ed Aubert

Anne Barnes D.D.S., Inc

Black Lab Remodeling & Aldrete Family

Jackie Davis

Degioanni Family

John, Carla & Cupie Freel

Lee & Christa Jackson
Sofia Kelly's Grandma & Grandpa

Shruti Khanna

Emily Li's Family

Matthew Molitor DDS, MS
Rosenheim Family

SC Haws Family

Jean Snyder

Wehner Accounting & Tax Inc


Senior Sponsorship

Andy & Carole Amstutsz



John & Nancy Ballance

Pan & Bill Baltz

Barnes Family Dentistry

Lewellen and Megan Boyle 

The Chang Family

Nicole, Chris, Liam & Lily Corbett

Judy Corbett

Demaray Chiropractic & Nutrition Center

Dias Family

Rebecca & Jared Epstein

James Foss

Russ and Janet Gebhardt

Harold & T

Harrison Construction

Pete and Wendy Haws

Amelia Hu

Gerardo Hurtado

Kelly Grandparents

Kenton & Mary King

Jonathon Law

Naomi Levy

Aunty Ellen Liebowitz

Luna Sol Pilates

James Meinart D.D.S.

David & Joanna Miller

Mr Pickle's Sandwich Shop

Janna Polik

Benton J. Runquist D.D.S., MS

Luanne & Bill Stevenson

Tan Orthodontics

Heather Van Hoosear

Sarah Xiang

Karen Zito


Junior Sponsorship


Aiello Family

Jill Amstutz

Poornima Balasubramanyam

Elizabeth Bingham

 Bohème Clothing & Gifts

The Buchananstein Family

Lisa Buehler

Kaitlin Coppinger

Dance Gallery of South Dakota

John Epperson
Lisa Goodin

Stephen Griffith

Jean & Jerry Huang

Anne Jackson

Joyce & Matt Jordan

Joanne Kelly

Brian Lin, DDS

Jordyn Huang's Gung Gung & Po Po

Joyce & Matt Jordan

Kumon of Davis

Ruth Liu

Ilda Moreno

Anthony Pinkham

Roxanne Rice

Sponsor for Amelia Hu

Cathy Tanaka

Fred and Jean Tuemmler

Village Bakery of Davis

Ricky & Trudy Weyburne

Teressa Weyburne



Scott and Barbara Bea

Noah & Laura Kepner

Gloria & Paul Kilian

Donna & Dean Koch

Luisa Michel

Danielle Newberry

Trader Joes

Judith Weyburne

Applegate Dance Company was founded in 1992 by Lisa Applegate- Zimanyi and is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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